With offices in New York City and Ottawa, Sandstorm Technologies is a federally incorporated company with a successful 15-Year Track Record. We’ve worked with dozens of international companies over the last 15-Years from all over the world and we have partnered with some of the largest thermal imaging manufacturers in Asia to bring critical solutions to North America. We have employees in China who speak the local languages to constantly ensure our supply of critical components and technology during these unprecedented times.

We’ve successfully implemented thermal imaging solutions at offices, processing plants, and other facilities and we welcome the opportunity to work with you in helping to further protect your employees and your business.

Sandstorm (www.sandstormtech.com) has been bringing global technology solutions to the US and Canada now for 15-years and has employees overseas who have secured the local partnerships and the critical components for our AI Thermal Proximity Screening Solutions. Our mission is to provide reasonably priced AI Thermal Proximity Temperature Screening Solutions to US and Canadian customers that recognize the value of proximity temperature screening when entering its facilities.

We recognized the need for Thermal Proximity Temperature Screening Solutions back in January when our employees in Asia were getting screened at every facility they were entering. Quite quickly, every single place was doing this and today this is in place at almost 100% of facilities in Asia including Airports, Train Stations, Subways, Manufacturing Facilities, Office Buildings, Malls, Apartments, Grocery/Retail Stores, Convenience Stores, Government Service Facilities, Libraries, etc.

Just recently Amazon and Apple Foxconn both announced that they have started temperature screening all of their employees globally with proximity-based thermal temperature screening solutions and you can bet if Amazon and Apple are doing this, it’s probably the right approach.

Currently, 99% of thermal cameras are now back-ordered for months from all of the major manufactures so we secured our supply with a number of overseas Thermal manufacturers that still have availability.

Management Team

Managing Partner – Walter Caon

  • Walter has over 25 years of experience and success in managing, marketing, and selling for U.S. based technology companies
  • A history of managing major campaigns and deals including a mix of technology, hardware, software, and professional services into the Global 1000
  • Excelled in senior management positions with IBM, AT&T, Wang Labs, Peregrine, and Motorola
  • A solid understanding of leading Marketing and Selling methodologies proven effective for highly complex solutions
  • Holds a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA.
  • Fluent in three languages including English, French, and Italian.

Managing Partner – Sean Beauchamp

  • Sean has 20 Years of Sales/Management Experience with:

–  IBM – Senior Sales Executive

–  LGS – Senior Sales Executive

–  IONA Technologies – Sales Executive

–  Computer Associates – Sales Executive

–  Information Builders / iWay – Sales Executive

–  Sandstorm Technologies – Founder and Managing Partner

  • A proven expert in selling large complex technology solutions to the Global 1000
  • History of successfully managing sales teams and multi-million dollar sales efforts
  • Has closed multi-million dollar deals with every company above
  • Proven ability to manage a sales team to effectively generate sales results
  • H. Bachelor of Commerce Degree – McMaster University

Contact Us

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New York: 1-917-503-9851

Ottawa: 1-613-255-5580

Or Book a Call with Walter via Calendly: https://calendly.com/sandstorm_call/15min